Taylor Swift – The 1989 World Tour

last night I went to see Taylor Swift in concert in Manchester. It was without a doubt one of the best concerts I have been too. I do not say this lightly as live music and concerts is my heart and soul. 

I got 4 tickets in total for myself, my sister, my aunt and my beautiful niece. Taylor Swift is my 7 year old nieces absolute idol. So you can imagine her surprise when I walked her to Row C, Seat 3 on the floor, which just happened to be next to the stage. Best seats in the house!! 

Taylor is someone I have the upmost respect for as she takes a lot of crap from the media and has her personal life splashed across the newspapers on a daily basis, and yet seems unaffected. This shows me that she is a strong young woman and someone I am glad the younger generation, including my niece, look up to and idolise. I believe she fully deserves the title as role model. A statement only proved further by the speech she made last night during her concert. She spoke about how you should chase your dreams and not let anyone tell you you’re not good enough. It warmed my heart as I am sure it did with the thousands of teenagers in the crowd that are going through those awkward years of self discovery we all suffer through! 

I am one year younger than Taylor myself so I find it incredible how much she has acheived in her young life, as I am still struggiling to find something I love in life! If only we could all be global superstars! 

The concert was incredible and the performance from herself and her dancers was outstanding! If you are lucky enough to ever have the chance to see her live please jump at the opportunity! 

A few highlights was her very attractive dancers shaking it, shirtless. And the FACT that she waved and blew a kiss to my niece as she shimmied past us on the catwalk. Taylor if by some miracle you ever read this, thank you so much for making my nieces dream come true! 

Attached are a few photographs I took from last night! 

Lots of love 

Jennifer xo 





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