Today was my first Saturday off in about 12 years! So I did what all girls do, I went shopping! It is my birthday next week and the girls from work bought me a ruby red Sisley Lipstick which is literally the best thing since sliced bread! It doesnt dry my lips out and it stays on all day! I couldn’t reccomend this brand enough! So below I have posted a photo of my outfit, makeup and what my make up looked like! 

My skirt & Top – Sainsbury’s 

Boots – Marks & Spencers 

Jacket – Topshop 

Bag – Zara 

Lipstick – colour L25 Sisley (£34ish)

Foundation – Dessert Beige by Este Lauder

Mascara – Chanel 

And by signature fragrance is Chanel Chance for daywear and Chanel Madomoselle for night. Just incase you were interested 😘 feel free to leave me some comments! 💋 

Lots of love Jennifer xo 



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