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Ruby Rose’s Outfit Changes at the MTV EMAs 2015!!


So if you caught the MTV EMA awards this week you will have noticed the amazing Ruby Rose’s Outfit changes. She looked Hot! This  year they where Hosted in the beautiful Milan by Ruby Rose & Ed Sheeran.

So she in total surprised us all with her 6 stand-out looks from ball gowns to suites and the craziest of all the spaghetti dress, Ruby is the perfect mix of masculine and feminine ‘Says her stylist Law Roach’ He indeed chose the wardrobe to reflect that.

2DC5B4A500000578-3288947-image-m-59_1445798647197     2DC6AD8400000578-3288947-image-a-111_1445807840723          2DC6B5EF00000578-3288947-image-m-110_1445807826287  2DC6E4B700000578-3288947-image-m-105_1445808070740   2DC890EF00000578-3288947-image-a-19_1445816077434



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