Capture This… Adamrhysbradley his recent events Update*

So when I first posted about Adam he was just starting out he’s come so far! Every time he post he’s doing a new shoot. I said I’d keep you updated this is my first update. These are his recent shoot images below. Adam has also recently designed his own logo and sold his own hooded tops so if you want one get I touch!!


So my friends recently taken up modelling… Had a dream and went for it. He’s an individual and puts his own look into how he looks presents himself well. He’s an inspiration to all the guys out there who want to go for something they really want, I think he’s the perfect person to post about at the moment because his look is different, unique and stands out, He’s not scared to mess about with his style.

If created a a Polyvore below of his look and attached a few of his recent model photos. 

You can also connect to his page link – Adamrhysbradley 

Instagram –Adamrhysbradley 

I believe he be the next beard/fashion model because he believes he can be so follow his journey with him and see what he be up to next, we will keep you posted as much as we can! 

The Suit Shoot – Photography By Ian Jones

These photos are on another level I think you would agree with me on that. Presents himself so well an amazing step up from his first shoot excellent in fact!



The A.R.B Logo

Now this is on another level. If you thought you could achieve what you want you are so wrong. It’s nice to see somebody who wanted something so bad got thier dream I don’t think anyone deserves it as much as him. If your interested in one of these hoodies they come in a range of coulors please contact us either on here or on the email address provided. You can also contact Adam himself by Facebook or Instagram, links above.

Xo BlueValleyLove 


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