THE 1975 

Tonight The 1975 kicked off their world tour in our hometown of Liverpool. Was we there? Of course we was! Was it incredible? Absolutely!! There is no other band/musician that I love more than the1975 and I think I can speak for Jennie on this matter also! They are just so unbelievably talented they literally blow your mind! This was the second time we have seen the boys live and it is certaintly not the last. The amount of time and effort that was put into this show is just outstanding, the whole production was epic and beautiful! The only downside about tonight was apparently the boys came outside after the show to meet the fans, and sadly we was not present! I hope one day we do get to meet the band as we love them so! The venue itself was on the boarder line of being an inferno, I geuniely believe I have melted a stone off in weight haha! There was condensation on the walls and floors, I kid you not! Oh and £14 for four cans of coca cola is absolute extortion haha! Other than that, one of the best nights of my life and I can’t describe how excited I am too see the band live again! The anticipation for their second album is intense! Matty’s family was seated a few rows from us and they looked like they was having the best time! They must be so proud! I love you guys and I look forward to the day we may meet in person! Keep doing you because, babe, you look so cool 😉😘 @the1975 @jamieoborne @Truman_black @1975hann @Gdans1975 

My outfit: 

Top – Zara 

Leather Skirt – Dorothy Perkins 

Boots – H&M 

Love Jennifer xo 


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