Louis Berry Gig Liverpool

Hi Guys!

As you all know by now live music is a passion of mine! I love nothing more than going to gigs, festivals and concerts and listening to live music! There is no greater feeling than standing amongst a crowd of people who are genuinely enjoying themselves and obviously share the same interest as you! I think my calling in life would have been to be a musician if I did not sound like a strangled cat when I sang! I would say I had an eclectic taste in music as I enjoy most genres, I think I am drawn to roar talent and lyrics that are cleverly wrote by a word-smith. Also if you can actually play a musical instrument, I probably already love you! (musically, not stalker wise 😉

Last Night I went to see emerging star Louis Berry in our home town of Liverpool! He is from Kirkby, Liverpool and definitely has not forgotten his routes. I went to this gig with my sister, which was really nice as she is a full-time mother of two so it is hard for us to get some sister time! Catherine is not the biggest fan of music which honestly baffles me but I suppose the world would be a boring place if we was all the same!

Louis berry to me sounds like a mix between old and new, think Johnny Cash meets Jake Bugg. Well that is my personal opinion anyway, you are entitled to make your own judgement. His set was short as he is in the process of releasing his Debut album! He sang songs such as heart-wrendering ‘Restless’ & ‘Jolie’ and then Rock & Roll masterpieces ’25 reasons’ & ’45’ you may have heard these songs on your local radio station. My personal favourites are his songs ‘Rebel’ which is very edgy and reminds me of the streets of Liverpool, and a song he did not perform called ‘Cowboy’ although I do genuinely love all of his songs. His songs can be purchased on iTunes ;). I can honestly say giving him a listen would be one of the best decisions you have made as he has already gathered a large fan-base organically and is destined to be the next big artist! For outfit details see previous post and for similar posts by me see The1975. You can all thank me later 😉 Enjoy!

Lots of love Jennifer xo

Twitter – @LouisBerryOffic

Instagram – @Louisberryofficial



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