PLL Caleb/Spencer Debate..What we think??


So the new PLL series has begun! Have you been watching it? What do you think about the whole Caleb and Spencer love affair. Personally i am a lover of Hannah and although she is recently engaged to Jordan i am not happy, the connection that her and Caleb have on and off Screen as (Ashley Benson/Tyler Blackburn) is for real. I have noticed on Twitter Tyler defending the Spencer move after this weeks episode by tweeting ‘For everyone talking about Caleb’s relationship decisions…keep watching. This season brings twists + turns. Surprise’s ahead (Peace) #PLLCHAT. This has then led everyone to assume that maybe this is just a fling? Are him and Hannah to reunited? WE DON’T NO! but i no not all views are happy with the change at the beginning of the series! I think that it seems so much worse as Spencer always ends up with someone eles’s GUY! First her own sisters twice! and now Hannah’s EX, also Caleb and Toby are tight so it doesn’t seem right her dating her EX’S friend and her Best friend’s EX its so wrong and a bad move so what do you think!? What is you intake on the change of relationship in the cast? POLL IS UP NOW It will run for 7 day’s until the next Episode next Tuesday!




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