Making A Murderer

Hi everyone.. 

I have recently watched the Netflix drama documentary, making a murderer. It has took over the entire nation and has turned us all into living-room jurors. If you have not watched it yet it is a documentary about a young woman’s murder case and the men serving time for it, Steven Avery and Brendan Dassey. 

Every person I know has now watched this documentary and I think it is fair to say our opinions differ drastically. Some believe the two men are guilty and others, including myself, believe they are innocent without a shadow of a doubt! 

The two men are serving life sentences for the murder of Thereasa, now I use the term ‘men’ lightly as Brendan Dassey was just sixteen years old when he was sentenced! Now before anyone gets confused I am absolutely appalled at what happened to this young woman and I hope that the real killers are discovered so justice can be served and Thereasa can finally rest in peace. But I do honestly believe they have the wrong men for this crime! 

To say Steven and Brendan was not very intellegent would be an understatement. And I do mean that in the kindest possible way! They both have a very low IQ and in Brendan’s case especially I believe they did not fully understand the severity of what was to happen to them, nor did they understand the legal terminology that was used in their trials. Now this was at no means their fault! 

I think the local law inforcement set out to destroy Steven’s life and sadly succeeded and Brendan was a means to an end. A young, academically challenged, boy who they took advantage of! 

There was not a shred of genuine evidence that proved these men was guilty of any such crime! In fact the evidence that was found was totally fabricated!! Where was the blood? Where was the murder weapon? Where was the DNA of both victim and culprits? Why was she not reported missing for three days by her family and friends? Why was there no other suspects? Or anyone else questioned or interrogated?  WHERE IS THE PROOF? 

I do not want to ruin the documentary for anyone who is yet to watch it so I will finish this post here. I will say this, I wish I had done a law degree, because if I had, I would take on this case free of charge and do everything in my power to release these men! Innocent until PROVEN guilty! 

P.S I do have my theory as to who the real killers are, but seeing as I have no law degree or police badge, I will keep my theories to myself. 

Lots of love Jennifer xo 



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