Lets talk about Love..❤️

Hi guys! 

Yes, Valentines day is fastly approaching, the day that is dreaded by many, and celebrated by few! It is a day I probably dread more than most! Valentines day and New years eve are probably the worst days of the year for me because unfortunately I have always been single! Let me tell you, they are no fun when there is no significant other in your life! 

This is the most personal post I have ever written as I am quite a private person, but I feel the need to share as there are probably millions of other singletons out there that are in the same situation as I am! 

Yes I am a single, 25 year old, female. If I am being totally honest, I have always been single. My relationships have only ever lasted for a few months at a time but its more my own fault than anything else! I am very fussy when it comes to men! But you see the thing is, when you have always been on your own, you become very independent, self-sufficient and subconsciously build a 6 foot wall with bricks and cement. Nobody is getting through that sucker unless they have a sledgehammer! Ha! 

Now to say I was a late bloomer would be an understatement, I never had my first kiss until I was fifteen! So naturally a serious relationship would come later in life! Now I’ve had some fun and I have dated but the one who will take my breath away hasn’t arrived yet! Honestly I am not worried, because eventually the right guy will come into my life who will show me why it has never worked out with anyone else! Until then, here is what I haver learned..

1. Your knight in shining armour will probably just be a fool wrapped in tin foil, but who cares if he is the fool for you! 

2. A private life is a happy life. Other peoples opinions should not worm their way into your relationship but 50% of the time they do! So its best to say nothing, what happens behind closed doors should stay there. (Definitely tell your best friend though 😉).

3. Never chase after someone who is in a relationship. A home-wrecker is not a reputation that you want. Yes, having a friendship is a different matter and should be fine, but if it feels that it could be more than that, walk away! If their relationship comes to a natural end and they then want a relationship with you so be it, but never be the reason for the break up! 

4. Now this is cheap coming from me, with my check list and all! But looks is not everything, although it does help 😉 all women want a man who is tall, dark and handsome. If you say that is not your type, quite frankly, you are an f*#king liar ha! But what it all comes down to for me is a sense of humour, if you can make me laugh for the rest of our lives, well I will be happy with that! Treat me right, and my loyalty will never be questioned! 

5. My final point is this.. Never let a man, or woman (depending on the team you play for) make you feel like you are inadequate! If they treat you like you are nothing, kick their arse to the kerb! Every single person, no matter your sexual orientation, deserves love! Everyone is special! Never settle for less than you deserve! I am a firm believer that there is someone for everyone. If you haven’t met them yet, it doesn’t mean they are not coming! Just be patient! They are worth the wait! Don’t let some arsehole make you think they are the best you will get. Its more likely the other way around, they are treating you terribly because they know they will never get anyone better than you! It is always better to be alone than in a toxic relationship! 

So if you are in a relationship I wish you happiness and love, and I hope your valentines day is special and romantic! If like me you will probably be single and dateless for the umpteenth time, dont fret! There is nothing Ben & Jerry’s can’t fix! And hey! There is no rule against sending yourself some flowers! 

Lots of love Jennifer xo 





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