Girl Crush 

Hi Guys! 

Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but there has been a lot going on! To quickly get you all up to speed we have had a change in career, concerts to attend and the birth of a beautiful baby boy! So its safe to say we have had a hectic couple of weeks! I hope you are all well! 

So this post is about my latest girl crush, Gigi Hadid! I love her! Lets begin with the fact that she is my absolute body inspiration! I am actually considering sticking her photo to my fridge so that every time I go to have some chocolate, I will see her and think twice haha! Her figure is just perfect, womanly, femine and with the right about of muscle definition! I am going back to my gym in the next few weeks with her as my body goal! 

I also admire her sense of style! I think of her as being very classy and elegant with just the right amount of edge! She always looks effortless and pampered! And the fact that she is dating the super hot Zayn Malik is just the icing on top of the cake! I am still very much a Perrie girl at heart but I dont believe in pitting girls against each-other, so I love them both! Its not their fault they fell for the same guy! And who can blame them really? 😍 

I honestly think the Hadid’s may be the next Kardashians, with supermodel siblings Bella (who is in a long term relationship with The Weeknd) and Anwar! Not to mention former model and Beverly housewives star Yolanda Foster as their mother! And then a whole set of half-brothers and sisters! All I am saying is watch this space! There could be a new family in town with an E! Show to boost 😉 

All praise the ever beautiful Gigi Hadid! 

Love Jennifer xo  



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