Blake Lively’s Maternity Inspiration & how she does it Debate!

So for anyone who has been pregnant will completely understand the struggle of dressing your bump! Best to just throw on your mat jeans and a xxl jumper and be done with it well Blake Lively completely changes my perspective of this I wish she was pregnant when I was last year because the struggle was real. I felt I had nothing to wear, I felt I couldn’t look nice in anything and I lived in a black polo neck swing dress and boots on my nights out with the girls it was the most uninspiring look of 2015 I think! I didn’t enjoy much of my pregnancy at all and I see photos of Blake with this glowing look and smile and think how does she do it??

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t change my little man for the world he is just amazing and inspires me more and more everyday! But carrying him has got to have been my biggest ever challenge. I didn’t talk about it much nor did I brag about it to friends on social media and that wasn’t because I didn’t enjoy it I absolutely couldn’t wait too meet him but it changes your life from the minute you see them two lines to the day they enter the world you go from being an independent to being depended on and getting used to that after being so independent has been again another challenge for me. I see celebs online looking stunning dressing there bump showing it off but I really don’t no how they do it people probably say Money! I bet that’s first that comes to mind but again from being pregnant I disagree, I believe that they feel they have no other choice but to dress it up show it off and behind close doors wipe the make up off remove the uncomfortable dress throw on a pair of track bottoms shut the blinds and be done with the day. I could be wrong but that’s how it makes you feel you want to relax put your feet up and ensure you little pip is comfortable and safe. I really believe I massively struggled getting used to dressing my bump and during the third trimester found it a hell of a lot easier to de-dress it and over size!

I have a few of my favourite yet unbelievably amazing looks of Blake’s this year I see her and she looks so happy and content, I guess your either lucky pregnant or none lucky pregnant I believe I was NONE lol, as you can probably guess from my very negative paragraph above!

My Favourite look has to be her Met Gala gown 2016. I think ill go as far as saying it was one of my best after Selena!


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