Beauty Salon Expectancy – Eilidh Macrae Guest Post


Hi Lovely lot,

So this evening I (Jennie) am focusing on Beauty tips, Salon expectations and my general experience when I have visited a salon. Be it Hair-dressers, Tanning and beauty or Nail treatments. I think it is really important to look after yourself. Treat yourself now and again to a visit to the Salon, but if you are as awkward as I am with your salon or stylist maybe this post will help you with your next salon decision before you make a hasty one!


As all our loyal readers, you know we went to see the amazing Beyoncé last week, but being scouse girls from Liverpool a night out comes with the added pressure… 1.Looking different 2.Standing out from the crowd 3.Big hair 4.Pristine Makeup. Myself and Jen had our Make-up done (full-face + lashes) and hair blown! You find you only visit the salons which you trust, who treat you well and look presentable. You wouldn’t want a full face done by an untidy MUA with dirty brushes and no uniform would you? or hair blown by a hairdresser who hasn’t even attempted to brush her own today? Also you have to focus on their experience. You see a lot of these (Self-taught) MUA’S on Instagram and various other social media sites which people do actually use! I understand there making a living but they’re in-experienced and taking clientele off the MUA’S who have grafted for two and three years for their qualifications, not only that self taught nail tech’s, this I don’t like! Agree or disagree but what if you had something done wrong by a clearly in-experienced technician/therapist and you developed a cross-contaminated infection? I could go on and on.. but the whole point in this post is to highlight the good side of Beauty.


Now before you all take us wrong, we are not saying all self-taught technicians/therapists/artists are unprofessional, in-fact 9 times out of 10 they are excellent at what they do! But being a fully-qualified beauty therapist/makeup artist myself (Jennifer) it makes it hard for a girl to make a living when you’ve got amateurs popping up everywhere! It is also one of the main reasons I went back to a job in retail, too much competition! Don’t get me wrong I love my job, but there is nothing like putting the money you earn in your own pocket instead of giving to the ‘Man’. I honestly live by my father’s mantra ‘You will never become a millionaire, by working for someone else..’

Respect & Qualities Staff/Salon – So you go to a new salon for the first time, what do you expect while you are in the hands of a stylist/therapist? From past experience I expect to walk in and be greeted with a Hello, what time is your appointment? You don’t expect to wait any longer than a couple of minutes. This should be followed by the possibility of being offered a drink. A friendly chat is imperative although, you don’t want an  hour long conversation which takes up too much of your stylist/beauticians concentration. I have had that before where they then realise they are running out of time and due another client which therefore makes them rush you, this is not professional at all! You also should look out for Certificates. I know many proud staff will frame them for you to see they have actually achieved their qualifications.

I myself have worked for well known brands such as Elemis, M.A.C Cosmetics and Steiner, so my expectations are very high when choosing my salons and spas. Reason for this being I myself know what its like to have to meet these same expectations, not only by my employer but by my own personal clientele. I am not saying myself or my treatments are perfect but boy do I try! So here are my top tips on looking for a good salon/spa and what you should expect:

Good Hygiene/Cleanliness
Good Manners/Attitude
Excellent product/treatment knowledge

We hope this blog post inspires you and is an enjoyable read. Quick question before we leave, would you like some Makeup tutorial vlogs? it’s something we are considering..

The presentable salons and well presented staff – I love nothing more than stepping in to a clean well presented salon, Therapists dressed in their fabulous Beauty Tunics, tidy hair and respectful of their customer/clientele. For all our readers who currently own or are looking to revamp their staffs look they need to check out Diamond Designs uniform range, perfect finishing touch for the staff. Diamond Designs uniform, perfect Below we have attached images of the tunics they have on offer, a beautiful range to choose from.

P.S We would just like to say a huge thank you to Chloe Crockford at Eilidh Macrae for giving us this opportunity, we look forward to working with you again in the future, Please give her BLOG a FOLLOW

Lots of Love Jennie & Jennifer xo







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