On Days off I adventure..

So I had a rare day off work today, I am not going to lie, I went PokemonGo hunting. Yes, I am afraid, I am a total nerd (Probably why I am single). But in true blogger fashion I was not going to miss a photo opportunity! So midst hunt I stopped for an ametuer  photoshoot (meaning my mum snapped me with my iphone). I found this Idyllic, picturesque little spot in the centre of our local park with a bridge just behind me and I couldn’t resist! There is nothing that I enjoy more on my days off than going on mini adventures and finding hidden little gems in my hometown! I have a true hippie soul ✌🏻️When I eventually settle down I hope its with a man who has a wild heart too who will run free with me 😘 

Photo attached below: 

Dress – http://www.topshop.co.uk 

Shoes – http://www.converse.com 

Jacket – http://www.missyempire.com 

Baseball Cap – http://www.missguided.co.uk 

Love Jennifer xo 


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